Nurturing Your Entrepreneurial Spirit

Nurturing Your Entrepreneurial Spirit

Posted by CU South Denver on Aug 5, 2018 1:40:34 PM

Whether you have long dreamed of starting your own company or are already working on turning that “brainchild” into a business venture, one of the keys to your success is your entrepreneurial spirit. Launching a business requires commitment and hard work, but there’s that “X” factor as well that is so important: your passion for your idea and boundless optimism that you can turn it into a viable venture. How can you cultivate and keep that entrepreneurial spirit alive? Here are a few suggestions:

Never give up. Patience and persistence are essential in the path to entrepreneurship, and few entrepreneurs will tell you that getting to the place they are today was easy or without a few challenges along the way. Steve Jobs once said, "I'm convinced that about half of what separates the successful entrepreneurs from the non-successful ones is pure perseverance." If you believe in something and want it bad enough, be relentless about making it happen.

Set goals and sub-goals. Execution takes planning, so put those ideas into a document and lay out the steps you need to take to reach them. It’s okay if you don’t have the path to success figured out right away, because your goal might evolve as you do research or start working on a business plan. The point, however, is that it’s important keep your vision front and center so that you align everything you do with it.

Don’t limit your creativity. At some point or another, most entrepreneurs have been told that their ideas might be a little too naïve, even a little crazy. Yet, they pressed on and identified creative solutions to problems. That is the crux of entrepreneurship, after all. Continuous creativity will ultimately help you be successful.

Pick the right partners. No entrepreneur achieves success without the help of key people along the way. As your idea starts to take shape, build a team of people you trust. That might include investors, partners, employees or friends. These people should understand and believe in your vision and offer support and advice. They should be strong where you are weak and have skills and assets that help you reach essential milestones as you create your business.

Chase the passion. Entrepreneurship is about finding new and innovative ways to do things but bringing those ideas to fruition requires energy and excitement. The likelihood that you will be successful in your entrepreneurial endeavor is far higher if you sincerely believe in your idea and are driven to achieve your goals, no matter how big they might seem. Get excited about your project, and let your trusted partners, investors and other stakeholders peek behind the curtain with you so they can share in your enthusiasm.

One last important point: embracing an entrepreneurial mindset allows you to add value in your current job if you’re still in the “formulating your idea/plan” stage and working for someone else. When you think like an owner, you earn a reputation as someone who is reliable and trustworthy and embraces responsibility. That will help you build the knowledge needed to

grow and run a business and could could open new doors. Eventually, when you’re ready to take a leap of faith, you will feel even more ready to make your pie in the sky a reality.

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