Rock Your First Day at Your New Job

Rock Your First Day at Your New Job

Posted by CU South Denver on Nov 20, 2018 3:22:42 PM

You’ve landed your dream job and your first day is coming up soon. Don’t be nervous—this is the beginning of a brand-new chapter and an awesome opportunity. How can you get things off to a fantastic start? Here are several tips:

Make a killer first impression. You’re going to meet a lot of people on day one at your new company. Practice your introduction ahead of time so you don’t stumble over your words. Perfect that handshake—not too firm or too weak. Dress professionally and appropriately for the company. And smile! Smiling will make you feel more relaxed overall and give off a friendly vibe as you introduce yourself to your new colleagues. Here are a few more tips for making a great first impression.

Develop a mindset for learning. Let’s face it: the first several months in a new position can be overwhelming. Nothing is familiar, you don’t have any trusted coworkers to turn to in times of stress and you have a huge learning curve ahead of you. Take a deep breath and prepare to embrace the challenge ahead. Adopt the mantra that every day is a chance to learn something new and you should always keep acquiring new knowledge.

Exude confidence. While it is wise to be humble and open to learning, keep in mind that you were hired for a reason. You have skills and assets that your new employer finds valuable. Show up eager to work hard and prove yourself. From your very first day, make valuable contributions that help advance your organization’s goals.

Be ready to take thorough notes. If your new boss doesn’t waste any time getting you up and running, make sure you are prepared with a fresh mind and a blank notebook! Yes, there’s a lot to take in and it’s natural to feel inundated. However, if you arrive and your new team wants to put you right to work, be ready to take detailed notes and ask lots of thoughtful questions.

Get acquainted with other people’s roles. Yes, your first day is likely to focus on what you’ll be doing in your new position, but whenever you get the chance, ask your new coworkers questions. It’s important that you start getting familiar with how you will support other people and departments. Asking each person you meet a little about what he or she does and how the two of you will work together is a good idea. (Keep that notebook handy as you make your way around the office.)

Get off on the right foot at your new job with a positive attitude and a game plan for success. And remember that while the first day sets the stage for your time at your new company, it’s just one day. Do your best to make a strong first impression and go in with an eager, excited attitude, but if things don’t go exactly as you envision, it’s okay. Tomorrow is a new day and another chance to learn, grow and embrace your new environment.

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