CEO of Crocs Shares Leadership Lessons

CEO of Crocs Shares Leadership Lessons

Posted by CU South Denver on Nov 30, 2018 3:59:55 PM

CEO of Crocs, Andrew Rees, inspired and empowered over 250 individuals last night during a fireside chat at CU South Denver with Lone Tree Mayor, Jackie Millet, where they discussed leadership lessons he’s gleaned over the years. From questions on his proudest accomplishments to how his high school teachers would describe him in a nutshell, Millet dug deep to gain an in-depth insight into Rees’ personal and professional triumphs, challenges and lessons learned along his path to success.

Following the intimate, hour-long discussion, Rees took on-the-spot questions from the audience, many of which revolved around what advice he had for individuals considering leadership roles themselves and what key takeaways they should know for success.

Rees advised that leaders should empower, and delegate responsibility to their teams, providing a better outcome than what the leader could deliver alone.

He also emphasized the importance of listening as a top leadership skill, noting that it is vital to identify the question behind every question in order to understand the core intention of the inquiry. If you listen well, Rees said, you will have a competitive advantage and can truly understand what your consumers desire. This can be translated to the workplace as well — listening to, and genuinely understanding, what motivates your employees will enable you to help them achieve and surpass their goals.

Touching on the importance of values, Rees stated that integrity and respect are attributes imperative for everyone.

“Companies and leaders must have absolute values … They must keep these values front and center at work every single day and not waiver from them,” Rees said.

Other takeaways included loving your brand and instilling that love in your employees, appreciating and celebrating your teams for meeting goals or working hard on projects that don’t always succeed, embracing decision-making and taking ample time for yourself, family and other parts of your life that are meaningful to you.

Missed the program? CU South Denver will be featuring additional C-Suite luminaries in their 2019 portfolio including Steve White, president of Comcast’s West Division, Kent Thiry, CEO of DaVita and Mary Rhinart, CEO of Johns Mansville.

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